Sunday, January 31, 2010

Witchy Woman, Fabulous Woman!

I've been feeling rather 'Witchy' lately - and that word begins with a 'W' not a 'B'!!! *grin*

Stepping out the front door last night I realised why - how is this for a view?
I was spell bound (hee-hee!)

I was playing with the settings on my SLR camera - in the dark - so it was pot luck in the photography stakes ... isn't this a spooky shot?

The kookaburras were laughing very loudly - I came inside and grabbed my mobile to try and record them - and they promptly shut up! Cheeky things. I did get some but I haven't tried to down load it - I need to get my IT expert in - my almost 16 year old son - when he's got a free moment - LOL.

It's not very spooky here in the daylight on a Sunday, just nervous making because it's a stink hot day and we've got lots of wind making for an apprehensive Fabulous Frau in the Aussie Bush!

Thanks for popping by my Fabulous Blogger Friends.

Suzy ;)


  1. Great pics!! I love a full moon :-)

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Lovely pictures. I stepped out of my house last night to the same big full moon peering back at me, I too felt witchy and in the mood for a bit of Stevie Nicks.
    Loving the blog


  3. Violet, I just visited you - love your blog, too! Funny you should say Stevie Nicks, because that's what my hair's been looking like lately! When I don't blow dry it I feel very 'Suzy from St Andrews'! I'm a bit of boho type of girl and there's quite a hippy element in these parts so I fit right in on wild hair days. *grin*

  4. The moon was beautiful here too. they called it a wolf moon. it almost looked like daylight in the middle of the night as it reflected on the snow.
    I used to know a song about kookaburros " kookaburro sits in the old gun tree.. merry merry king of the bushes he.. laugh kookaburro laugh kookaburro gay your life must be " hmmm surprised I remember that. Must have learned it in like 2nd grade! nad that was a long time ago!
    have a great week

  5. My husband's family live in Kyneton....anywhere near you? We were there last November for a visit. As usual, it was beautiful, and incredibly hot! Love it.
    Your spooky night shots are great too!

  6. What a bunch of fab witchy people we are!

    Hi Janis, welcome! I just had a flying (pun intended!) visit to your blog - I'm going to enjoy checking you out! Kyneton is not around the corner but it's not that far away. How fab that you were here. Where did you work in Australian TV? I'm ex-television too - behind the scenes - 7, 10 and 9 networks. Thanks for visiting - come back soon! Last night I took some some shots of an echidna! I took Hans out for a walk down the back and we found one so I ran to my studio to grab the camera - lost a bit of light but you can seem easily.

    Dear Vivian, lovely to have you visit again - Wolf moon - that's very cool - and a gold star for remembering the kookaburra song - I think you've got a fantastic memory! Last night they were not sitting in the old gum tree for me but on the watertank pipe and the fence post - and that was before I grabbed my camera! The fence post guy stayed for a pose but it's very dark - but I may put it up anyway. I'll come and visit you again soon - your place is always a lovely one to land it! S ;)