Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hans the Mini Schnauzer - Pictures of the Week

I began tidying up my digital pictures when I got completely sidetracked (ahem... moi?!) looking at my puppy's pictures so I thought I'd share some, perhaps on a weekly basis. This gorgeous first pic is the 'before' ....

...and this gorgeous second pic is the after .... after several months growth, after a very big haircut, after a sleep.....

I'm being a stage mother here (*grin* I actually detest those people in real life with a behind the scenes media career behind me!!) ... and I'm tickling the poor guys chin and shoving a big camera and flash in his face.... but I think he's very cute and good for a smile.

He's had a pretty good evening as we've taken a walk around the acreage and he's woofed hello at the ponies and the baby miniature pony has started coming closer and closer to him - I'll try and get a shot of that soon. He had a good sniff around the kangaroo trails and was very excited when I trimmed a few branches of some of the big bushes in our driveway ... poor husband has had to risk his lovely new car being touched and scratched.

Anyway, just a little quickie to share a smile ...

Cheers all, and thanks for visiting!

Suzy ;)


  1. Hans is just adorable!! What a nice place you live in too! Must be lovely to be surrounded by wildlife. I'm in the burbs in Brissie, and would love a little space around me sometimes!
    Love the teepee post, and have enjoyed reading through your blog! I'll be back :-)
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Thanks, Karen. Lovely of you to take the time and leave me a message. I really like your blog too and I plan to be a frequent visitor! Cheers, Suzy ;)