Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Pony Cafe

My camera is back from the wonderful doctors at Michael's Camera Store in Melbourne - well in truth it only visited there but I finally took it in there at was sooo impressed with the service. I would urge any Melbournians with camera needs to visit there first.

I've even got an excellent digital camera tip - especially for SLR's - DON'T FORCE MEMORY CARDS in to their slot - or you'll bend prongs that sometimes have a lot of importance and will cost you heaps pf $$ and downtime to get fixed. I was so lucky because my repair was done on the spot and didn't cost me an ything except for the purchase of two new 2GB memory cards because my broken prong used to read 4GB!

I'm typing this one handed because I've gone and hurt my wrist - so pls excuse any typos!

Anyhoo I've been playing with tables and chairs around my acreage and have created a lovely spot to watch the ponies in one direction and the bushland in the other - and I road tested my camera and am sharing the shots here. I'm creating little spots around the place to rest one's wine glass, or tea cup, to sit and smell the roses ... ponies!!

Hans my gorgeous dog is my model in a couple of the shots and I'm showing off my fantastic corrugated iron garden art that will finallu be appearing in my website this coming week!!!!

I'll post again very soon as my wrist heals and I'll share some pics of my new cupboards and drawers in my studio and my storage room/guest room - they're fab!

Ciao for now!

Suzy ;)