Monday, December 28, 2009

It's that time of year ....

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Cheers to the Silly Season!

Fabulous Frau is trotting off from the Aussie Bush to the Aussie Beach for a couple of weeks holiday with my family. We've got a permanent caravan set up for our little escapades - and I haven't been there for a year! My husband and son visited last Easter but we had our new little puppy Hans and I wouldn't leave him midst training - and I strongly believe that paid off!

It's a great set up - a couple of streets away from the beach - teenage heaven and our son loves joining the pack and only re-appears when starvation approaches - or the strong urge to play video games beckons - usually when the sun fades and other pack members are dragged off to do dreadfully 'boring' things with their families.... for my husband it's a wonderful escape, sitting on his deck watching the world pass by, glass in hand, re-living a fishing trip or two with his fishing and boat owner buddy. Me, I just seem to trot for most of the time, chores re-located! Although I seem to manage to get some sewing and reading time in - love that - and especially love a spot of antiquing.

We're very well set up thanks to my fussy husband, who in his dreams thinks he's low maintenance - I call him H.M. for short and the title gives him delusions of royalty - LOL. The minus is the trek to the bathroom facilities - we had another caravan complete with ensuite and the park owner sold the place tossing us out and I vowed 'never again' for that was the second time it happened. My resolve lasted about five months and here we are albeit cheaper and more cheerful with much more space and closer to the beach but no loo!

Well, frankly I can cope with that, the dread part is in the form of ants - just after we bought the place the ceiling in the annexe began pulsating with life just after I'd finished a mammoth cleaning effort to make it our own. I cried - couldn't kill the varm-ants! We got on top of them eventually but I'm scared about the return as it hasn't been bug bombed all year! What a whinger, hey? Should be grateful to have somewhere so nice to go.

Naturally I decked the place out with some fun - the kitchen has a range of co-ordinating red items, going with the 70s vintage flow of the place and one must drink good wine and good champagne from good crystal! We inherited a cupboard full of it when we bought the place - what a hoot. The previous owners simply abandoned ship and left the most enormous stash of their linen fetish I've ever seen. We could not believe what was hidden away in the many cupboards. Anyway .....

It's been a busy month - just the same for all of us - and we're looking forward to some rest and relaxtion and a fabulous 2010.

Thanks for your visits - I so look forward to popping around the world on line to visit some fabulous blogs in the new year.


Suzy ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Backdoor kangaroo

Hello dear blog world,

Thought I'd pop by for a quickie to tell you about a first for me on the farm. This morning as I hurriedly closed my back door and took a few steps towards the carport to make my way for peace and harmony at a yoga class - big breath! - a kangaroo - not quite as tall as me was jumping around blocking my way! The poor guy was in a mad panic at being disturbed by me. He kept thumping into the wire fence in an effort to flee on next doors rolling hills - eventually he made his way down our drive way towards to back of the property, saying hello to the miniature ponies in the paddocks on the way.

I was a little toey because kangaroos have very big claws and I didn't want him to feel cornered.

They are a pest but very gorgeous. We still get a thrill seeing them so close and fortunately there's enough other stuff for them to eat around the place and they mostly leave my plants alone.

Yesterday afternoon coming home up our one kilometre dirt lane I saw this gorgeous little joey jump into his mother's pouch and they hopped away. You have to be really careful because their heads are rather small and I think their brains match and they are very likely to jump straight in front of the car. At dawn and dusk it's really important to go slowly around here.

I was thinking one day I might get my son to film from the passenger seat our journey home - it's amazing what we see everyday. I'm very grateful.

Hope a little something special pops up in your day too.


Suzy ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kangaroos and Garden Views

Now this is a new thing for me - my photos were straight and I've uploaded them and now they're vertical - well, two of them! Sorry about that....any advice welcome!

I've included these pics as they were shot from my balcony - just outside my studio door - that's why I included the one with the railing ;)

This next pic was taken from the back door - down the balcony from studio in another direction - and the kangaroo is sitting in our paddock - just beyond our 'back garden' - we've had some big winds and I need to get some tree fellers in to clean this up. The battered 'letter box' is actually the bird feeder - regularly attacked by hungry and cheeky cockatoos.

The next pic below has some of our exotic verandah rail included - a bit like having the front page of a newspaper in a ransom photo!

Now this very pretty tree sits just outside the front door - and I'm ashamed to say I missed shooting in with my better camera - $#!@#$!@#$ because the blossoms were DIVINE!

The next two pics are from the back deck again - I love my kookaburras - it's soo funny when their real counterparts sit next to them - one day I'll get lucky and press the shutter button in time to share!

Our view - serenity now....
Just a quick posting to share some of our visitors with you.

I'm very busy getting ready for the market at Allwood House adjacent to the Hurstbridge Farmers' Market on Sunday - 8.30am to 1.00pm if you're interested. Make sure you come and say hello if you're passing.

Have fun,

Suzy ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A bird in hand is worth how many in the bush?

Hello again, dear Blog land - I thought I'd better get myself into gear otherwise I'd miss posting in October - tut, tut, tut! I'm sharing some photographs of some of the gorgeous birds that visit our garden - pardon the quality but I was shooting through flyscreens and glass most of the time because I wanted to show you how close they come to our house.

Aren't the colours beautifully overwhelming?
Ahem, just ignore the messy grass - it's since been cut and we'll be polite for five seconds as we are so blessed to have gotten a lot of rain lately - the weeds are thrilled!

It's been a very busy time for my family - husband and I went off on a wonderful winery tour with winemakers - very enlightening! I'll share some pics of our trip soon.

I've started going to yoga classes locally and I'm actually walking with a straight spine - and for a couple of days a week a serene expression!

On the first Sunday of each month the Hurstbridge Farmers' Market is on and I'll be running a stall next door at Allwood Community House and I'm rather excited about that. A very recent decision so my little sewing machine has gotten busy crafting - I'll share some pics after the event - and maybe of some of my offerings before.

After yoga this morning I popped into the Heart and Soul Cafe in Hurstbridge for a wonderful, late breakfast - no it wasn't muesli - they have plenty of good girl and boy things on the menu but I went for the Heart and Soul breakfast - a big breakfast - couldn't finish it all but had fun trying and for some reason wasn't hungry at lunchtime....mmmm.

Thanks for dropping by - Suzy ;~)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Pony Cafe

My camera is back from the wonderful doctors at Michael's Camera Store in Melbourne - well in truth it only visited there but I finally took it in there at was sooo impressed with the service. I would urge any Melbournians with camera needs to visit there first.

I've even got an excellent digital camera tip - especially for SLR's - DON'T FORCE MEMORY CARDS in to their slot - or you'll bend prongs that sometimes have a lot of importance and will cost you heaps pf $$ and downtime to get fixed. I was so lucky because my repair was done on the spot and didn't cost me an ything except for the purchase of two new 2GB memory cards because my broken prong used to read 4GB!

I'm typing this one handed because I've gone and hurt my wrist - so pls excuse any typos!

Anyhoo I've been playing with tables and chairs around my acreage and have created a lovely spot to watch the ponies in one direction and the bushland in the other - and I road tested my camera and am sharing the shots here. I'm creating little spots around the place to rest one's wine glass, or tea cup, to sit and smell the roses ... ponies!!

Hans my gorgeous dog is my model in a couple of the shots and I'm showing off my fantastic corrugated iron garden art that will finallu be appearing in my website this coming week!!!!

I'll post again very soon as my wrist heals and I'll share some pics of my new cupboards and drawers in my studio and my storage room/guest room - they're fab!

Ciao for now!

Suzy ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love on the weekend

A short and sweet message, today.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend spent with people you love!

Suzy ;)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Fleeced the fun way!

I turned left at the end of my lane and followed the road - and before I knew it I was up the mountain to Kinglake.

Looking down the mountain, it's an overcast and drizzly day but it's still quite awing to see natures recovery process in action.

A gateway to the valleys. You won't ever see pictures of destroyed homes on my pages - that's way too private stuff!

These pics are of the National Park. I went for a drive up just weeks before the fires and it was so dense you had no idea how far the drop over the side of the road was - now you know and are very aware especially at pieces of the road that have fallen away and momentarily you have to drive over the wrong side of the road a little. One can cope but it's terrifying when cyclists out for a buzz come flying around the corner with a vehicle trying not to hit them and then you!

My destination! So appropriate for a woman like who sells 'frocking fabulous' cards!

Hey you shabby chic girls - how gorgeous is this little shed? The original home of 'Get Fleeced' - talk about instant atmosphere. I ordered my boots from this shop's little home - and it was a hoot when there were four of us customers inside!

Drum roll, introducing 'Get Fleeced's' new home on the Kinglake/Whittlesea Road, opposite the pub! All Australian sheepskin products - ugg boots, moccasins, baby rugs/pram inserts, bed underlays, toys, bags, fun cards and more can found here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Laurine has little lambs with fleece as white as snow, as blue as denim, as fluffy as wool, as square as a big funny toy.... and more......

What a gorgeous little shop window - pardon the reflection! How divine are the baby ugg boots?

Who wouldn't want to be this gorgeous woman's customer?! If you like friendly, non-pushy service and a cheeky, fun woman to give you a smile and a quip, here she is!

How fab is this? It's too much fun! So kitchy I just love it, I've never seen a tissue box like this before ... tissues you say????

....tissues I say! Hey, Laurine, I think I better buy one of these off you.

A cheeky lamb toy and flowers sits by the window with a smile.
Mirror, mirror who is the fairest lamb of all?

Laurine standing by my work of art - the sheep bag of course!

Laurine and moccasins ... slip into a little something, darling ....

So... how's that? Two blogs in two days.... may that make up somewhat for my recent absence!

Hope you enjoyed my outing.
Suzy ;)

P.S. This important post was compiled by the writer whilst wearing a wonderfully comfy pair of ugg boots.