Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smelling pink roses

This is my rose, in my garden, in the fog - I've been playing with a new camera lense - so much to learn, so little time ..... so I smelt the roses while playing with the focus.

I was doing a spot of 'papparatzi-ing' in my garden with my huge and heavy lense.... well, it takes all types, *grin*

I'm sooo lucky because these rose bushes have lived here a lot longer than me and they smell divine ... whoops, there's that 'D' word again I love so much ...

I was moved to whip out the camera after taking my dog Hans outside when I saw the roses sitting in front of the fog. Usually all you can see is paddocks with grass and trees behind them.

Hot pink hues - see I play with a photo editor - wow.... *tongue in cheek self criticism - LOL*

This pair of rose buds have tiny little spider webs on them that are actually very pretty... hope you can see them clearly - I may have over condensed my pics.

More playing - I love this - looks like an old velvet rose ....

Just love this pic.... so pretty and shabby.

My latest ambition is to make old-fashioned style large patchwork curtains for my studio - with a funky modern twist - using all rose fabrics from my vast collection of old and new... My inspiration came from a vintage shop where they'd used all sorts of vintage fabrics - large squares - maybe 12" x 12" - I'm not a quilter but my dear neighbour will shed some light on the techniques for me - she does beautiful work.... I'll keep you posted but please don't hold your breath *LOL*.

Thanks for smelling the roses with me.... have a lovely day filled with peace and harmony - and lots of laughing!
Suzy ;

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bring on the ponies!

Pretty ponies...sorry Felix, you're handsome. He is the little white one - without a hint of small man syndrome!

Oooh, is that a carrot she's holding?

I better run over and check!

I'm coming! I'm hungry like always.

No! It's a camera - drats!!#$@! I don't feed the ponies at all - at the owner's request because they are a little on the chubby side after being fed up big time while in the pound where they stayed for a while after the bushfires destroyed their home. The good news is hopefully some of the girls are with foal - little Felix has been a busy boy!

No carrots so we're not looking.

Check out the hairdo on these girls.

In a ray of light ... it's actually dust but I love this pic.

Peek a boo.... just checking to see if you've changed your mind about the carrots.

Looking down on the middle paddock. I do so LOVE living here. The worrisome thing is how dusty it is in May - there should be mud. Mind you, my darling doggy manages to find some. I took these photos yesterday afternoon - it was a glorious day, even felt a little sunburnt - bizzare. This morning is thick with fog, but I love the mystery of it.... especially when I don't have to drive off into it - *grin*

How gorgeous are these kookaburras? I've sourced these beautiful corrugated iron kookas locally from a man who loves his work! Each edge has been carefully ground down so there are no sharp bits, even on the barb wire decoration. Next week I will take delivery of new my animals; a cow, possum lots of ducks - all made of corrugated iron - I think there are enough real animals around the place for the time being! I love garden art and I most certainly have enough places for lots and lots more - goody, goody, gum drops!! I'll also be selling them from my website if you're interested. They'll be listed next week. Hope you enjoyed the pony tour.

Thanks so much for visiting. For my next posting I'll be sharing some pics of my 'outdoor studio'.
Suzy ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hans and the Fabulous Farm Animals

Calm farm puppy, Hans...butter wouldn't melt in this little mouth - who I took out to the 'toilet' at 4.20am this morning only to disturb some kangaroos nibbling on our garden. My little darling decided it was a great time to round them up! I called him something else at that hour - for 15 long, cold minutes! Little monster.

Super puppy, Hans!

Neighbourly puppy, Hans.

Talk about borrowed landscape - these horses belong to our neighbours - what a gorgeous view...feeling the serenity even with the fog.

Tadpoles live in here - and when they grow up their songs are such a delight - one of my favourite things on the farm. They share the dam with the ducks, too....and now my darling Hans - he came in with the muddiest feet in his little life to date the other morning after his great discovery - and found himself in the wash tub before he knew what was going on.

Ducks walking up the hill, away from the dam on a forraging mission. Such a gorgeous procession, they go up and down a number of times a day. On the way back they fly the last 20 metres or so and land with a splash and then climb out the high side of the dam and start all over again...hmmm, why don't I get more work done around here?

Look at the pig next door!!! Ha, ha, it really is a lovely pig - a girl and she lives with her daughter - they are so gorgeous. They frolick like dogs and wag their tails when you talk to them. They are wonderful because we get the enjoyment of them and the neighbours get all the care.

Borrowed landscape to the left - our other neighbours nicknamed by my husband, Kerry and James ... yes, they are alpacas.

Check back soon because we have our very own borrowed animals on our little farm, eight miniature ponies that are staying with us because their little farm six minutes down the road (yikes!) was burnt and all their fences were damaged and their owners home too. So we are very grateful for gorgeous tenants and to be able to help some lovely people.

Thanks for visiting the farm! All comments welcome and returned.

Cheers, Suzy ;)