Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bring on the ponies!

Pretty ponies...sorry Felix, you're handsome. He is the little white one - without a hint of small man syndrome!

Oooh, is that a carrot she's holding?

I better run over and check!

I'm coming! I'm hungry like always.

No! It's a camera - drats!!#$@! I don't feed the ponies at all - at the owner's request because they are a little on the chubby side after being fed up big time while in the pound where they stayed for a while after the bushfires destroyed their home. The good news is hopefully some of the girls are with foal - little Felix has been a busy boy!

No carrots so we're not looking.

Check out the hairdo on these girls.

In a ray of light ... it's actually dust but I love this pic.

Peek a boo.... just checking to see if you've changed your mind about the carrots.

Looking down on the middle paddock. I do so LOVE living here. The worrisome thing is how dusty it is in May - there should be mud. Mind you, my darling doggy manages to find some. I took these photos yesterday afternoon - it was a glorious day, even felt a little sunburnt - bizzare. This morning is thick with fog, but I love the mystery of it.... especially when I don't have to drive off into it - *grin*

How gorgeous are these kookaburras? I've sourced these beautiful corrugated iron kookas locally from a man who loves his work! Each edge has been carefully ground down so there are no sharp bits, even on the barb wire decoration. Next week I will take delivery of new my animals; a cow, possum lots of ducks - all made of corrugated iron - I think there are enough real animals around the place for the time being! I love garden art and I most certainly have enough places for lots and lots more - goody, goody, gum drops!! I'll also be selling them from my website if you're interested. They'll be listed next week. Hope you enjoyed the pony tour.

Thanks so much for visiting. For my next posting I'll be sharing some pics of my 'outdoor studio'.
Suzy ;)

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  1. Hi there..
    OMG they are so cute! My little princess will go crazy..*smile* We will have to come and visit you and ponies...soon.
    Have fun with your new friends..!!