Monday, May 4, 2009

Hans and the Fabulous Farm Animals

Calm farm puppy, Hans...butter wouldn't melt in this little mouth - who I took out to the 'toilet' at 4.20am this morning only to disturb some kangaroos nibbling on our garden. My little darling decided it was a great time to round them up! I called him something else at that hour - for 15 long, cold minutes! Little monster.

Super puppy, Hans!

Neighbourly puppy, Hans.

Talk about borrowed landscape - these horses belong to our neighbours - what a gorgeous view...feeling the serenity even with the fog.

Tadpoles live in here - and when they grow up their songs are such a delight - one of my favourite things on the farm. They share the dam with the ducks, too....and now my darling Hans - he came in with the muddiest feet in his little life to date the other morning after his great discovery - and found himself in the wash tub before he knew what was going on.

Ducks walking up the hill, away from the dam on a forraging mission. Such a gorgeous procession, they go up and down a number of times a day. On the way back they fly the last 20 metres or so and land with a splash and then climb out the high side of the dam and start all over again...hmmm, why don't I get more work done around here?

Look at the pig next door!!! Ha, ha, it really is a lovely pig - a girl and she lives with her daughter - they are so gorgeous. They frolick like dogs and wag their tails when you talk to them. They are wonderful because we get the enjoyment of them and the neighbours get all the care.

Borrowed landscape to the left - our other neighbours nicknamed by my husband, Kerry and James ... yes, they are alpacas.

Check back soon because we have our very own borrowed animals on our little farm, eight miniature ponies that are staying with us because their little farm six minutes down the road (yikes!) was burnt and all their fences were damaged and their owners home too. So we are very grateful for gorgeous tenants and to be able to help some lovely people.

Thanks for visiting the farm! All comments welcome and returned.

Cheers, Suzy ;)


  1. Hi Suzy..
    What a gorgeouse view!
    My little girl loves horses, ponies.. Can we come and visit you when you have the ponies??(smile). Love the powerful women's motto(lol)
    Have a great day!!
    x Julie

  2. oh. forgot to mention.. Love, love HANS..

  3. gorgeous Suzy!!! I will definately come visit soon,i am still trying to squeeze in phone call time!!!Bloody kids keep me busy!

    Talk soon!

    Les xxxx

  4. Hi Suzy I have my very own 'Hans' and his name is 'Otto'. He is the joy of our family and we would not be without him...even when he eats my good shoes!..I am pleased I found your blog it is like going on a trip to the country:) have a great day...oxo Cate

  5. What a lovely tour...even with the fog...and what fun animals to borrow - mini ponies! I will be by again...(puppy is adorable)

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  6. What a treat to come over and see all these beautiful pix. You live in heaven! And your little Hans is the cutest pup EVER!!!