Sunday, January 31, 2010

Witchy Woman, Fabulous Woman!

I've been feeling rather 'Witchy' lately - and that word begins with a 'W' not a 'B'!!! *grin*

Stepping out the front door last night I realised why - how is this for a view?
I was spell bound (hee-hee!)

I was playing with the settings on my SLR camera - in the dark - so it was pot luck in the photography stakes ... isn't this a spooky shot?

The kookaburras were laughing very loudly - I came inside and grabbed my mobile to try and record them - and they promptly shut up! Cheeky things. I did get some but I haven't tried to down load it - I need to get my IT expert in - my almost 16 year old son - when he's got a free moment - LOL.

It's not very spooky here in the daylight on a Sunday, just nervous making because it's a stink hot day and we've got lots of wind making for an apprehensive Fabulous Frau in the Aussie Bush!

Thanks for popping by my Fabulous Blogger Friends.

Suzy ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love is in the bush ....

How do you like this little musical sweety? A gorgeous hanging heart I made using vintage music sheets - for the record my music loving son was mortified that I used the orginal copy!

I've photographed my heart on our deck amongst the bush - I just love the light and the pale green of the leaves seems to compliment lots of different items.
Too easy to step outside and snap.

A bit of a mixture - not unlike it's creator *grin* - vintage music, vintage trim, plastic bling and gorgeous old pictures all attached to a cardboard heart hanging from a pretty ribbon - made and photographed in the bush!

Have a lovely day.

Suzy ;)

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches ...

Wild Love, handmade by Fabulous Frau is ready for Valentine's Day!

How do you like my sexy bouquet for the Wild Valentine?

Made with fabric and edged with unused vintage trim from my ab fab ragtrade warehouse hall, complete with a matching 'vase'.

I'm also selling single hearts (no pun intended!) and some can even have their own personal message stamped on with some luscious red stamping ink and some gorgeous lettering!

Fun love ;)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hans the Mini Schnauzer - Pictures of the Week

I began tidying up my digital pictures when I got completely sidetracked (ahem... moi?!) looking at my puppy's pictures so I thought I'd share some, perhaps on a weekly basis. This gorgeous first pic is the 'before' ....

...and this gorgeous second pic is the after .... after several months growth, after a very big haircut, after a sleep.....

I'm being a stage mother here (*grin* I actually detest those people in real life with a behind the scenes media career behind me!!) ... and I'm tickling the poor guys chin and shoving a big camera and flash in his face.... but I think he's very cute and good for a smile.

He's had a pretty good evening as we've taken a walk around the acreage and he's woofed hello at the ponies and the baby miniature pony has started coming closer and closer to him - I'll try and get a shot of that soon. He had a good sniff around the kangaroo trails and was very excited when I trimmed a few branches of some of the big bushes in our driveway ... poor husband has had to risk his lovely new car being touched and scratched.

Anyway, just a little quickie to share a smile ...

Cheers all, and thanks for visiting!

Suzy ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage Style Boudoir Pretty Shoe Tree

Pretty in pink! I made these lovelies from brand new shoe trees so they can be used to fulfil their role or as a pretty something in one's boudoir.

A little lovely something to keep one's shoes in shape and a pretty travel shoe bag to match.

How pretty is the bead on the ribbon drawstring? .... I love playing with my stash to make something different. The gorgeous fabric of the bag and the trim I've attached to the shoe trees/stretchers are unused vintage goodies from my haul at a ragtrade warehouse sale - a closing down sale and never sold to the public before. I got rather carried away with my purchases.... as I'm sure my fellow fabric addicts can relate to.... I bought a bolt of the pretty pink, another bolt of a different pattern in a pale blue and a big card of the most divine cotton lace ... I've been a bit scared to cut the lace but I'll try and be brave soon! And lots (and lots!) of other trim including a card of the gorgeous stuff you see here.

I thought I'd show a little something of my work instead of my play for a change ...
although the truth is this is playing!

I'm working on my website to load it up with treasures and I'd love you to visit - also please check out my fan page at Facebook that I think I've finally learned to drive! *grin*

I'll be back soon to show you some of my fun Valentine's Day projects!

Thanks so much for visiting,
Suzy ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Basket Weaving and High Tea in a Tee Pee

I'm pretty sure I'm safe in saying that I spent my Sunday afternoon differently from most people .... bit cocky? Sounds that way but hear me out ... I had afternoon tea, drinking from fine china cups and saucers, eating beautiful cake and Anzac biscuits (well it is Australia Day weekend and all *grin*) - in a real Tee Pee - in Australia - oh, and to top it off we were basket weaving!

We didn't send any smoke signals, the dried smoking sage leaves couldn't make it up to the ceiling to escape! Now you proper ladies don't have to freak out about burning sage leaves - they smell so beautiful, kind of like a walk in the forest, not heavy like many incense scents. It's my second time of experiencing the scent and I love it. It creates a peaceful yet alert feeling in me - very nice. No chanting was involved but lots of pearls of wisdom espoused by a small bunch of lovely women, if I do say so myself, amidst the ambience of crystals sitting alongside our afternoon tea.

The lovely lady on the right of the picture is Ruth, my friend and meditation teacher and fellow yoga classmate. Her home is a cottage of wonderful treasures accessed via a rambling path overgrown with herbs - it's a very lovely space to visit. A wonderful collection of artwork too. The Anzac biscuits otherwise known as Oaty Crisps were very well received which made me feel nice because I'd whipped up a batch in the morning from my wonderful cookbook Destitute Gourmet - click the link to find the fantastic Sophie Gray with divine recipe books in New Zealand - you can also buy it online in Australia. The biscuits are sitting on my pretty Royal Albert Moonlight Roses sandwich plate that my darling husband gave me for one of our anniversaries. He's been adding to my collection over the years.

Hiding behind the growing collection of woven leaves - which we added to during the afternoon is a lovely lady called Tess and on the left is her daughter Brooke. Very nice company! Shame my impromptu photography was not so fabulous - but better than none (well, that's what I tell myself anyway *grin*) and sadly I didn't do a close up of the leaves we were making. We were sewing raffia and grass not actually making a basket but using the same techniques - I got so carried away with the conversation that my leaf was rather oval so it was fun to learn a trick or two to change the shape. These leaves are very special and many have been made during community workshops and have been displayed at some local events and will again be displayed as a special remembrance for those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires.

Sorry my pictures aren't the best quality - how very silly of me to go to a Tee Pee Tea Party and not take my camera! I used my phone. Look at the detail of how the Tee Pee is closed from the outside. The light inside was very beautiful and as the afternoon progressed you could see the patterns from the shadows of the leaves from nearby tress on the walls. It's a very special space, not stuffy at all, just wonderful on a beautiful afternoon.

On the way out Ruth told me to make a wish because legend has it that leaving a Tee Pee is a little like leaving the womb and you can have a fresh start. I'm delighted to say it wasn't in the least a traumatic departure, just a happy smile and some Fabulous Frau thoughts!

May we all have a lovely fresh start this week with lots of good wishes for ourselves. I'll be busy listing away for Valentine's Day on my website with a little smile on my face thinking about my time in a Tee Pee!

Thanks so much for visiting,
Suzy ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Miniature Pony - now that's tiny

What a wonderful way to bring in the new year ... (okay, okay I know the calendar is almost on the February page!) .... meet the first born on our property since we've lived here (not including the hundreds of rabbits *grin*!)

And of course I couldn't put a picture up of a new baby animal without showing you my tough miniature schnauzer - and it's rather funny because miniature is not the animal requirement around here - just the way life happens sometimes. His name is Hans and he turned one on January 10 and is a very gorgeous dog! He's also tough. In between these photos loading I let him outside in his yard and there was a kangaroo as tall as I am (not hard *grin*) and he set off chasing it! I was so glad when it jumped the fence. I don't worry as much when Hans is off in the paddocks because the kangaroos can easily run but if they struggle to jump our fence they may feel threatened and attack him. This is the same little dog who has a teddy with one eye and no holes that he takes inside and out with him. Today he had a play date with the neighbours three dogs - what a hoot they all are. If my coffee had kicked in at the time of his depature I'd have taken a photo of the four of them running up our very long driveway to go visiting.

This gorgeous little boy foal is not owned by us but is presently living in one of our little sheds with his mummy, adjacent to a very large paddock with six other miniature ponies - all grown up and all female and one of them 'with foal' so more pics will be coming hopefully. In another paddock we have Felix a gorgeous little man who was very busy servicing these ladies. (You can see pics of the other girls and Felix in a previous blog 'The Pony Cafe')

He looks like a toy I've seen in the shops!

It's been a busy few weeks with school holidays and other things going on and I'm gently starting my working year organising my stock room which is at bursting point! I've got some fantastic things coming and I'm very excited. I've been busy listing exciting things like school books on my ebay store as well as some fab pieces of clothing - Fabulous Frau is having a big clean out!

I've got some gorgeous vintage treasures coming for my website and I'll share them all soon.

I've also been making some gorgeous wristlets which will be appearing on my website soon.

This post is to wish you happy new year and thank you very much for visiting.

I've also been working on my 'page' on Facebook and I'd love to invite you to join as a fan and I'll keep you uptodate with my treasures and more!

Happy January from Suzy aka Fabulous Frau ;)