Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Miniature Pony - now that's tiny

What a wonderful way to bring in the new year ... (okay, okay I know the calendar is almost on the February page!) .... meet the first born on our property since we've lived here (not including the hundreds of rabbits *grin*!)

And of course I couldn't put a picture up of a new baby animal without showing you my tough miniature schnauzer - and it's rather funny because miniature is not the animal requirement around here - just the way life happens sometimes. His name is Hans and he turned one on January 10 and is a very gorgeous dog! He's also tough. In between these photos loading I let him outside in his yard and there was a kangaroo as tall as I am (not hard *grin*) and he set off chasing it! I was so glad when it jumped the fence. I don't worry as much when Hans is off in the paddocks because the kangaroos can easily run but if they struggle to jump our fence they may feel threatened and attack him. This is the same little dog who has a teddy with one eye and no holes that he takes inside and out with him. Today he had a play date with the neighbours three dogs - what a hoot they all are. If my coffee had kicked in at the time of his depature I'd have taken a photo of the four of them running up our very long driveway to go visiting.

This gorgeous little boy foal is not owned by us but is presently living in one of our little sheds with his mummy, adjacent to a very large paddock with six other miniature ponies - all grown up and all female and one of them 'with foal' so more pics will be coming hopefully. In another paddock we have Felix a gorgeous little man who was very busy servicing these ladies. (You can see pics of the other girls and Felix in a previous blog 'The Pony Cafe')

He looks like a toy I've seen in the shops!

It's been a busy few weeks with school holidays and other things going on and I'm gently starting my working year organising my stock room which is at bursting point! I've got some fantastic things coming and I'm very excited. I've been busy listing exciting things like school books on my ebay store as well as some fab pieces of clothing - Fabulous Frau is having a big clean out!

I've got some gorgeous vintage treasures coming for my website and I'll share them all soon.

I've also been making some gorgeous wristlets which will be appearing on my website soon.

This post is to wish you happy new year and thank you very much for visiting.

I've also been working on my 'page' on Facebook and I'd love to invite you to join as a fan and I'll keep you uptodate with my treasures and more!

Happy January from Suzy aka Fabulous Frau ;)


  1. Ohhh, Hans is So So Cute!!! A "play date"...now THAT'S adorable! : )
    Loved the pics of the miniature pony too. Thanks for sharing. : )

  2. Thanks for visiting, M.L.! I'll have to post another pic of Hans - he was 'schnauzerized' at the doggy parlour last week - well, bush style because his legs were trimmed! Suzy ;)