Monday, January 25, 2010

Basket Weaving and High Tea in a Tee Pee

I'm pretty sure I'm safe in saying that I spent my Sunday afternoon differently from most people .... bit cocky? Sounds that way but hear me out ... I had afternoon tea, drinking from fine china cups and saucers, eating beautiful cake and Anzac biscuits (well it is Australia Day weekend and all *grin*) - in a real Tee Pee - in Australia - oh, and to top it off we were basket weaving!

We didn't send any smoke signals, the dried smoking sage leaves couldn't make it up to the ceiling to escape! Now you proper ladies don't have to freak out about burning sage leaves - they smell so beautiful, kind of like a walk in the forest, not heavy like many incense scents. It's my second time of experiencing the scent and I love it. It creates a peaceful yet alert feeling in me - very nice. No chanting was involved but lots of pearls of wisdom espoused by a small bunch of lovely women, if I do say so myself, amidst the ambience of crystals sitting alongside our afternoon tea.

The lovely lady on the right of the picture is Ruth, my friend and meditation teacher and fellow yoga classmate. Her home is a cottage of wonderful treasures accessed via a rambling path overgrown with herbs - it's a very lovely space to visit. A wonderful collection of artwork too. The Anzac biscuits otherwise known as Oaty Crisps were very well received which made me feel nice because I'd whipped up a batch in the morning from my wonderful cookbook Destitute Gourmet - click the link to find the fantastic Sophie Gray with divine recipe books in New Zealand - you can also buy it online in Australia. The biscuits are sitting on my pretty Royal Albert Moonlight Roses sandwich plate that my darling husband gave me for one of our anniversaries. He's been adding to my collection over the years.

Hiding behind the growing collection of woven leaves - which we added to during the afternoon is a lovely lady called Tess and on the left is her daughter Brooke. Very nice company! Shame my impromptu photography was not so fabulous - but better than none (well, that's what I tell myself anyway *grin*) and sadly I didn't do a close up of the leaves we were making. We were sewing raffia and grass not actually making a basket but using the same techniques - I got so carried away with the conversation that my leaf was rather oval so it was fun to learn a trick or two to change the shape. These leaves are very special and many have been made during community workshops and have been displayed at some local events and will again be displayed as a special remembrance for those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires.

Sorry my pictures aren't the best quality - how very silly of me to go to a Tee Pee Tea Party and not take my camera! I used my phone. Look at the detail of how the Tee Pee is closed from the outside. The light inside was very beautiful and as the afternoon progressed you could see the patterns from the shadows of the leaves from nearby tress on the walls. It's a very special space, not stuffy at all, just wonderful on a beautiful afternoon.

On the way out Ruth told me to make a wish because legend has it that leaving a Tee Pee is a little like leaving the womb and you can have a fresh start. I'm delighted to say it wasn't in the least a traumatic departure, just a happy smile and some Fabulous Frau thoughts!

May we all have a lovely fresh start this week with lots of good wishes for ourselves. I'll be busy listing away for Valentine's Day on my website with a little smile on my face thinking about my time in a Tee Pee!

Thanks so much for visiting,
Suzy ;)


  1. I was fortunate enough to visit someone tee-pee once. It is a very special space indeed. Hope you show pictures of the baskets you made.

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for visiting - I will get some pictures down the track of the leaves we wove - and some of my lovely friend Ruth's gorgeous baskets. She's very clever! I haven't made a basket since I was in high school and that was fun but I have made a couple of little simple wreaths after being inspired by Ruth. Cheers, Suzy ;)

  3. I would love to be in such a tee-pee for a sunday afternoon, it sounds fantastic!