Monday, December 28, 2009

It's that time of year ....

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Cheers to the Silly Season!

Fabulous Frau is trotting off from the Aussie Bush to the Aussie Beach for a couple of weeks holiday with my family. We've got a permanent caravan set up for our little escapades - and I haven't been there for a year! My husband and son visited last Easter but we had our new little puppy Hans and I wouldn't leave him midst training - and I strongly believe that paid off!

It's a great set up - a couple of streets away from the beach - teenage heaven and our son loves joining the pack and only re-appears when starvation approaches - or the strong urge to play video games beckons - usually when the sun fades and other pack members are dragged off to do dreadfully 'boring' things with their families.... for my husband it's a wonderful escape, sitting on his deck watching the world pass by, glass in hand, re-living a fishing trip or two with his fishing and boat owner buddy. Me, I just seem to trot for most of the time, chores re-located! Although I seem to manage to get some sewing and reading time in - love that - and especially love a spot of antiquing.

We're very well set up thanks to my fussy husband, who in his dreams thinks he's low maintenance - I call him H.M. for short and the title gives him delusions of royalty - LOL. The minus is the trek to the bathroom facilities - we had another caravan complete with ensuite and the park owner sold the place tossing us out and I vowed 'never again' for that was the second time it happened. My resolve lasted about five months and here we are albeit cheaper and more cheerful with much more space and closer to the beach but no loo!

Well, frankly I can cope with that, the dread part is in the form of ants - just after we bought the place the ceiling in the annexe began pulsating with life just after I'd finished a mammoth cleaning effort to make it our own. I cried - couldn't kill the varm-ants! We got on top of them eventually but I'm scared about the return as it hasn't been bug bombed all year! What a whinger, hey? Should be grateful to have somewhere so nice to go.

Naturally I decked the place out with some fun - the kitchen has a range of co-ordinating red items, going with the 70s vintage flow of the place and one must drink good wine and good champagne from good crystal! We inherited a cupboard full of it when we bought the place - what a hoot. The previous owners simply abandoned ship and left the most enormous stash of their linen fetish I've ever seen. We could not believe what was hidden away in the many cupboards. Anyway .....

It's been a busy month - just the same for all of us - and we're looking forward to some rest and relaxtion and a fabulous 2010.

Thanks for your visits - I so look forward to popping around the world on line to visit some fabulous blogs in the new year.


Suzy ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Backdoor kangaroo

Hello dear blog world,

Thought I'd pop by for a quickie to tell you about a first for me on the farm. This morning as I hurriedly closed my back door and took a few steps towards the carport to make my way for peace and harmony at a yoga class - big breath! - a kangaroo - not quite as tall as me was jumping around blocking my way! The poor guy was in a mad panic at being disturbed by me. He kept thumping into the wire fence in an effort to flee on next doors rolling hills - eventually he made his way down our drive way towards to back of the property, saying hello to the miniature ponies in the paddocks on the way.

I was a little toey because kangaroos have very big claws and I didn't want him to feel cornered.

They are a pest but very gorgeous. We still get a thrill seeing them so close and fortunately there's enough other stuff for them to eat around the place and they mostly leave my plants alone.

Yesterday afternoon coming home up our one kilometre dirt lane I saw this gorgeous little joey jump into his mother's pouch and they hopped away. You have to be really careful because their heads are rather small and I think their brains match and they are very likely to jump straight in front of the car. At dawn and dusk it's really important to go slowly around here.

I was thinking one day I might get my son to film from the passenger seat our journey home - it's amazing what we see everyday. I'm very grateful.

Hope a little something special pops up in your day too.


Suzy ;)