Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Backdoor kangaroo

Hello dear blog world,

Thought I'd pop by for a quickie to tell you about a first for me on the farm. This morning as I hurriedly closed my back door and took a few steps towards the carport to make my way for peace and harmony at a yoga class - big breath! - a kangaroo - not quite as tall as me was jumping around blocking my way! The poor guy was in a mad panic at being disturbed by me. He kept thumping into the wire fence in an effort to flee on next doors rolling hills - eventually he made his way down our drive way towards to back of the property, saying hello to the miniature ponies in the paddocks on the way.

I was a little toey because kangaroos have very big claws and I didn't want him to feel cornered.

They are a pest but very gorgeous. We still get a thrill seeing them so close and fortunately there's enough other stuff for them to eat around the place and they mostly leave my plants alone.

Yesterday afternoon coming home up our one kilometre dirt lane I saw this gorgeous little joey jump into his mother's pouch and they hopped away. You have to be really careful because their heads are rather small and I think their brains match and they are very likely to jump straight in front of the car. At dawn and dusk it's really important to go slowly around here.

I was thinking one day I might get my son to film from the passenger seat our journey home - it's amazing what we see everyday. I'm very grateful.

Hope a little something special pops up in your day too.


Suzy ;)


  1. Thank you so much for your most encouraging comment on my blog tonight! You are so sweet!

    How cool is that to see a kangaroo in your own "backyard"!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. A pleasure Carrie - your angels are gorgeous!

    Yes the kangaroos are cool - a couple of weeks ago my son filmed a goanna (lizard) more than a metre long as it ran past our back door area and climbed a tree! Neighbours who've lived here for years and years haven't seen that. Each time I head outside I look to the left and right expecting 'bush traffic'! I'll visit again soon - I've been a naughty blogger. Thanks for your visit.

    Cheers, Suzy ;)

  3. OOh,how exciting a real kangaroo!!! I only see dead ones at the side of the road! Did yous ee the guy on teh news recently that had a fight with a kangaroo that tried to drown his dog,i think that might have been up your end of the world!!! he did not look too good afterwards,it clawed and kicked the crap outta him!

    Talk soon!!

    les xxxx

  4. Thanks for your nice comment! I´ve enjoyed your kangaroos so much, it reminds me of when we lived in Norway (Norway?? - Kangaroos??? lol), there our regular visitors where not kangaroos but elks. Often when we got up and went out to feed the horses, one or two elks were standing just on the other side of the fence, only a few metres from the horses. Our horses were born in Denmark and Germany, so they had never seen these strange, huge animals before, and believe me - they looked puzzled the first couple of times!!

    Where in Germany do you have your roots? I´m German myself, born in Kassel, but have lived in Sweden, Norway and now Denmark for the past 13 years (my man is Norwegian and we met while studying in Sweden ;-) )

    We had a snowstorm last night, so it´s winter wonderland right now, I´ll post some pictures later!

    See you, Kirsten

  5. Hi Kirsten, what a lovely message, thank you. Wonderful to learn more about you. My father was born in Frankfurt - I'm Australian born, my mother was also born here but to English parents. My sister and I grew up with a lot of German culture and people .... it was good to meet German's my own age a couple of years ago and find they too have survived their childhood! *Grin* My trip was brief, but I'd love to go back to Germany for longer in the future. I enjoyed Berlin very much and there's lots more I want to see. I learned I look very German - German people were very shocked by my eine bisien Deutsch!

    What a gorgeous story about your elks - I'd be thrilled to see your pictures. Snow - wow! Two days ago it was 39 degrees here and we were on fire alert. It's been raining heavily so we are now relaxed but some areas in our state are on fire. The poor people.

    Veilen dank, Sie waren sehr freundlich und fur Sie ausgezeichnet Englisch - meine Deutsch ist schlect ;( .... aber versuch ich!

    Tschus, Suzy ;)

  6. HOw cool to see a kangaroo in your yard! We have lots of deer here and have to watch for them in the roads especially at dusk.
    have great week!