Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kangaroos and Garden Views

Now this is a new thing for me - my photos were straight and I've uploaded them and now they're vertical - well, two of them! Sorry about that....any advice welcome!

I've included these pics as they were shot from my balcony - just outside my studio door - that's why I included the one with the railing ;)

This next pic was taken from the back door - down the balcony from studio in another direction - and the kangaroo is sitting in our paddock - just beyond our 'back garden' - we've had some big winds and I need to get some tree fellers in to clean this up. The battered 'letter box' is actually the bird feeder - regularly attacked by hungry and cheeky cockatoos.

The next pic below has some of our exotic verandah rail included - a bit like having the front page of a newspaper in a ransom photo!

Now this very pretty tree sits just outside the front door - and I'm ashamed to say I missed shooting in with my better camera - $#!@#$!@#$ because the blossoms were DIVINE!

The next two pics are from the back deck again - I love my kookaburras - it's soo funny when their real counterparts sit next to them - one day I'll get lucky and press the shutter button in time to share!

Our view - serenity now....
Just a quick posting to share some of our visitors with you.

I'm very busy getting ready for the market at Allwood House adjacent to the Hurstbridge Farmers' Market on Sunday - 8.30am to 1.00pm if you're interested. Make sure you come and say hello if you're passing.

Have fun,

Suzy ;)

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