Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A bird in hand is worth how many in the bush?

Hello again, dear Blog land - I thought I'd better get myself into gear otherwise I'd miss posting in October - tut, tut, tut! I'm sharing some photographs of some of the gorgeous birds that visit our garden - pardon the quality but I was shooting through flyscreens and glass most of the time because I wanted to show you how close they come to our house.

Aren't the colours beautifully overwhelming?
Ahem, just ignore the messy grass - it's since been cut and we'll be polite for five seconds as we are so blessed to have gotten a lot of rain lately - the weeds are thrilled!

It's been a very busy time for my family - husband and I went off on a wonderful winery tour with winemakers - very enlightening! I'll share some pics of our trip soon.

I've started going to yoga classes locally and I'm actually walking with a straight spine - and for a couple of days a week a serene expression!

On the first Sunday of each month the Hurstbridge Farmers' Market is on and I'll be running a stall next door at Allwood Community House and I'm rather excited about that. A very recent decision so my little sewing machine has gotten busy crafting - I'll share some pics after the event - and maybe of some of my offerings before.

After yoga this morning I popped into the Heart and Soul Cafe in Hurstbridge for a wonderful, late breakfast - no it wasn't muesli - they have plenty of good girl and boy things on the menu but I went for the Heart and Soul breakfast - a big breakfast - couldn't finish it all but had fun trying and for some reason wasn't hungry at lunchtime....mmmm.

Thanks for dropping by - Suzy ;~)


  1. How lucky to have such gorgeous birds visit your garden. The!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. Hi Carrie, thanks for dropping by. I'm grateful everyday for being here. Their songs are a joy - and we've got lots and lots of frogs singing too. Serenity now ;)

  3. I think you live in HEAVEN!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics.
    Beautiful birds. Lucky you!!! : )

  4. So do I! I've got more fab pics coming soon. Thanks for visiting me - LOVE your gorgeous halloween pics! For the record you must be a pretend grandmother!! No way do you look old enough! ;~)

  5. The birds look gorgeous Suze!!!! Ours are out in force at the moment destroying all the foliage on the trees,but what the heck,i love my parrots!!!

    Good luck with your stall!!!

    Les xxx