Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smelling pink roses

This is my rose, in my garden, in the fog - I've been playing with a new camera lense - so much to learn, so little time ..... so I smelt the roses while playing with the focus.

I was doing a spot of 'papparatzi-ing' in my garden with my huge and heavy lense.... well, it takes all types, *grin*

I'm sooo lucky because these rose bushes have lived here a lot longer than me and they smell divine ... whoops, there's that 'D' word again I love so much ...

I was moved to whip out the camera after taking my dog Hans outside when I saw the roses sitting in front of the fog. Usually all you can see is paddocks with grass and trees behind them.

Hot pink hues - see I play with a photo editor - wow.... *tongue in cheek self criticism - LOL*

This pair of rose buds have tiny little spider webs on them that are actually very pretty... hope you can see them clearly - I may have over condensed my pics.

More playing - I love this - looks like an old velvet rose ....

Just love this pic.... so pretty and shabby.

My latest ambition is to make old-fashioned style large patchwork curtains for my studio - with a funky modern twist - using all rose fabrics from my vast collection of old and new... My inspiration came from a vintage shop where they'd used all sorts of vintage fabrics - large squares - maybe 12" x 12" - I'm not a quilter but my dear neighbour will shed some light on the techniques for me - she does beautiful work.... I'll keep you posted but please don't hold your breath *LOL*.

Thanks for smelling the roses with me.... have a lovely day filled with peace and harmony - and lots of laughing!
Suzy ;


  1. Hi Suzy
    Gorgeous roses!!!
    We have a lot in our garden too(smile). Smell pretty good here. I love to play with my camera too. So many things to do and so little time..
    Have a great weekend!!

    x Julie

  2. Hiya Suze!!!!

    Still trying to catch up with everything!!! My visitor from HELL goes home in 6 days,not that i'm counting!!YEE HAA !!!

    love your roses!!! I will come up soon and have a look myself,i just feel so incredible disorganised!!!

    talk soon,i STILL have to phone you!!

    les xxxxxz

  3. You must still be playing with your camera...hope you are having fun!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie