Friday, June 19, 2009

Social media networking - and fun!

Hello dear blogging world,

The naughty little blogger is back from her time away from these pages.

As you may have noticed in previous entries I'd been playing with my camera and my camera decided to get cross with me and decided if I was going to play so much hookey away from work it would stop working for me!

The other reason is that I've been dreadfully disloyal and have been learning about the Facebook world (please add me as a friend if you're into FB)- there is room for all and I've been learning about that too with some fantastic seminars from the Essentially for Women networking group that I belong too and from a fabulous woman Wendy Moore from Savvy Web Women. I was sooo brave I even did a video testimonial for Wendy that she plans to put on her You Tube channel!

I will be back with guns blazing soon ... well, pictures and words actually - LOL!

Now on to some shabby info...I recently bought and have received the most divine antique photo album from Nikki from Nostalgia at the Stonehouse. She is my blog idol! I check her at least twice a week and it's very rare for her not to have updated.... I have blogger update rhythm envy! Can you tell I'm writing this on a Friday night? *grin*


And very importantly I've been busy this week with my little chap Hans is running around in extreme vintage style with an 'Elizbethan Collar' after having had the snip - and the poor little fella had two baby teeth out while he was out that hadn't fallen out when they should have! I've taken a couple of snaps with my little camera and I'll ad them in. He had a woozy first night home but is full of beans again and you wouldn't know what he's been up to this week if it wasn't for his cone head. It really hasn't worried him too much which is wonderful - but he got a little frazzled this morning when trying to get back through a wire fence! Poor guy - I helped him of course although I haven't a clue how he got through it in the first place!


My other news is that I will be stocking a really fun range of greeting cards and tote bags and other goodies for a shop in Kinglake called 'Get Fleeced' and on my own website and with a name like that you know they'll be cheeky - I'm wearing a pair of the most beautiful ugg boots as I type this from there. I'm going up tomorrow so I'll take some pics and update you. Kinglake was devastated by the bushfires and is only 15-20 minutes up a very windy mountain road away from us and it's wonderful to see so much recovery and greenery albeit very humbling as you drive passed obvious loss. All items in this gorgeous store (located across the road from the pub on the Whittlesea Road for anyone who knows the area) have a sheep theme! Owner Laurine is a gorgeous woman and a hoot.

I'll post some pics of the cards when they get back from the printers!

I'll be back ... sooner than later.

Cheers and thanks for visiting,