Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Fleeced the fun way!

I turned left at the end of my lane and followed the road - and before I knew it I was up the mountain to Kinglake.

Looking down the mountain, it's an overcast and drizzly day but it's still quite awing to see natures recovery process in action.

A gateway to the valleys. You won't ever see pictures of destroyed homes on my pages - that's way too private stuff!

These pics are of the National Park. I went for a drive up just weeks before the fires and it was so dense you had no idea how far the drop over the side of the road was - now you know and are very aware especially at pieces of the road that have fallen away and momentarily you have to drive over the wrong side of the road a little. One can cope but it's terrifying when cyclists out for a buzz come flying around the corner with a vehicle trying not to hit them and then you!

My destination! So appropriate for a woman like who sells 'frocking fabulous' cards!

Hey you shabby chic girls - how gorgeous is this little shed? The original home of 'Get Fleeced' - talk about instant atmosphere. I ordered my boots from this shop's little home - and it was a hoot when there were four of us customers inside!

Drum roll, introducing 'Get Fleeced's' new home on the Kinglake/Whittlesea Road, opposite the pub! All Australian sheepskin products - ugg boots, moccasins, baby rugs/pram inserts, bed underlays, toys, bags, fun cards and more can found here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Laurine has little lambs with fleece as white as snow, as blue as denim, as fluffy as wool, as square as a big funny toy.... and more......

What a gorgeous little shop window - pardon the reflection! How divine are the baby ugg boots?

Who wouldn't want to be this gorgeous woman's customer?! If you like friendly, non-pushy service and a cheeky, fun woman to give you a smile and a quip, here she is!

How fab is this? It's too much fun! So kitchy I just love it, I've never seen a tissue box like this before ... tissues you say????

....tissues I say! Hey, Laurine, I think I better buy one of these off you.

A cheeky lamb toy and flowers sits by the window with a smile.
Mirror, mirror who is the fairest lamb of all?

Laurine standing by my work of art - the sheep bag of course!

Laurine and moccasins ... slip into a little something, darling ....

So... how's that? Two blogs in two days.... may that make up somewhat for my recent absence!

Hope you enjoyed my outing.
Suzy ;)

P.S. This important post was compiled by the writer whilst wearing a wonderfully comfy pair of ugg boots.


  1. OH.. I want one of thoes UGG boots for my little girl.(smile) Love your bag. so cute..
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Julie x

  2. I haven't been on the St. A, Kinglake road, my husband did when we lived in Flowerdale. Do you mean the shop opposite the Kinglake pub? I remember that one.

  3. I got to Flowerdale last weekend, I don't know what I expected to see but it wasn't it. However it was a positive, except my husband was upset that I may have upset any locals by wanting to see the community centre, or site.