Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fabulous Studio Views with Kangaroos

I'm back with some fun pics of my studio and the gorgeous views of kangaroos grazing in the paddock from my windows. You'll have to believe me - they are not cardboard cut outs! I'll include some close ups another day. Just this morning as I drove my son to school down our one kilometre lane of gravel we saw four small kangaroos cross our path - it's been a glorious morning - very frosty but sunny. We are sooo lucky to be living here.

Here are a couple more evening shots - I LOVE working here! My lovely nieces came to visit for the first time a couple of weeks ago - and boy did their eyes light up at my playroom! It's so exciting to be finally up and running. An awful lot has happened to us since moving here on August 1....before we know we'll have been here a year. A divine place to find some peace in one's life.

I've been playing with my heart....

The hearts are made from recycled denim and some gorgeous crocheted lace and lovely beads and bling from my vast collection. I gave this one to my niece and she loves it. Very sweet to hang over your door or drawer handle - or even on your dressing table. Each side is different for a quick an easy change. The heart is sitting on a wonderful treasure hunting find of a vintage cardboard case - truth be told probably something from the '60s and next to it is a beautiful fabric covered mini-hat box that I bought in Paris. The lid is shaped like a hat.

Blingage Darling, love it! How fun are these rings? - I'm still playing but I plan to list them - I'll let you know when. I've also been creating some 'plastic fantastic' earrings - but I've given them all away - so I'll have to get very busy and make some more.

How gorgeous is the afternoon light in my studio some days? These earrings (and the ring) were shot without a flash - just the glorious sun pouring through my studio windows.

And this final picture for today is an example of what I can achieve if I get out and about early in the morning ... photographed with my dog at my side and in my dressing gown! I LOVE the privacy of living on acreage ... mmmmm, so why am I showing the results off on a public blog?? ....mmmm perhaps because there are no dressing gown shots included! - LOL

Until the next exciting instalment I wish you a fabulous time in your own home. Cheers, Suzy ;)


  1. Hello Suzy..
    Thank you for visiting my blog and lovely comment. I love where we are.. can't compare with your land(smile). We only have 1 Acre.(lol). Hope you win the mirror so I can meet you in person. will come back more for your bush land living affair. please post more of your home studio..
    Have a wonderful day!
    x Julie

  2. Hi Julie, lovely to 'meet you'. Thanks for visiting me and wanting to see more. I'm very new to this blog hosting gig and I'm delighted to see your comments. There'll be plenty more pics coming - I've got some gorgeous ones of our land - but my fabric and treasure stash will sadly never be as neat as your gorgeous shelves! I'm also working on my 'stock room' and my darling husband will be providing me with some wonderful cupboards. When that happens I'll include those too. A girl can never have too much storage with inclinations like ours, LOL. I hope I win your mirror, too. It will be easy to find my way if I do! Cheers, Suzy ;)