Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Echidna, a mini-schnauzer and the bush night sky

I've gotten into the habit of an evening stroll down the back of our acreage with Hans, my one year old mini-schnauzer and the other night I saw an animal scurrying in the bush and I wasn't sure if it was a wombat or an echidna.

I found an echinda and I was very excited, haven't seen one here since around the middle of last year and that was close by outside our bedroom in the garden bed.

Hans and I ran back to the house .... well, okay 'cantered' and grabbed the camera. I was thrilled to find the little fella hadn't moved far but unfortunately he had no intention of showing his face. But nonetheless here is a pic of a real, live echnida in my backyard - mind you only just because it was a couple of metres from the fence line.

I've included a couple of shots of the night sky - so beautiful and I'm grateful to have taken them - but I'm cross at myself at the same time because the light was pink and divine 10 mins before - the time it took me to get my camera!

I've also included a couple of shots of the same pic because I've edited one of them to make the contrast stronger to show you the kookaburra sitting on the 'old fence post' - he was there when I ran past to grab the camera and still there staring at me when I returned so I had to try - even in the failing light.

Just a quickie to share with you lovely people!

Suzy ;)

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  1. Hey Fabulous Frau! I love echidnas. I've only seen two in all my time spent in lovely Victoria. Their little faces are soooo sweet.