Monday, February 23, 2009

Hot Spots & Bushfires

Boy, am I a rookie at this blogging! This is actually my fourth entry - but my silly blonde self deleted the last two entries....
Here I am again - tempting fate in a similar fashion perhaps to my last entry when I mentioned the 'F' word - fire. Two days later the worst bushfires in Australia's history took place, minutes from our doorstep.
I actually uploaded photos of our smoke filled valleys this morning, only to delete them. I am unable to redo that now because I have left our home as we are expecting another horrid weather day and there are fire warnings for many towns that have been told to evacuate as they are very close - and we've been told to be at the ready - I'm ahead and gone.
On Saturday, February 7 my son (his 15th Birthday, the poor guy) and I left early, just because we were chicken at the sight of smoke that had blown to us from somewhere else - hours later a fire that killed people was a kilometre and a half away from our property.
10 days after the main fires I was finally feeling peaceful again - and now that has gone again.
I am so nervous for the poor people who are at most risk from the fire front. Our area will be at risk of ember attack and not the fire front - as far as anyone can tell at this point!
Anyway, I'll load some photos for you when I return home - which at this point will not be before tomorrow.