Monday, October 10, 2011

Is it ever convenient to lose one's power? ... electrical or otherwise

Last night my auction for this gorgeous Laura Ashley cushion cover ended on my newest store Fab Frau Vintage Country Emporium ... not an unusual occurrence in the eBay world ....
....I was enjoying quality time with my son Nick watching television shortly before the auction finished when 'bang!' we lost power.  We thought it was just something tripping the safety switch and as it turns out we were right - but we couldn't fix it last night and most of our power to all plugged in appliances was gone - and worse still the hot water service... and the most scary for me was my computer was non functioning.  There was one socket working in the whole house and I plugged the fridge into that .... after a blonde hour or so I might add.... and then I had the brain wave of plugging my busy computer boards in there too - 'poof!' - don't think so ... found another plug via a long extension lead for the fridge....Anyway all is well in the light of day because I read the instructions (just before I called the electrician, mind you) and pulled every plugged in thing out around the house and gradually put them back in one at a time.  I think the problem is my shed .... and that's not urgent - phew!  

I was a bit upset last night thinking I've just announced my return to the world and now I'm off line and won't be able to work and blah, blah, blah pity party - so I flicked my own circuit breaker and snapped out if - a glass of wine helped I might add - and my son Nick and I played Texas Hold'em Poker - and he won the contents of my match box in the end.  We haven't done that since we were in a caravan together so it was a great night after all.  

This is my son Nick pictured below (in case you hadn't guessed already *grin*) with his lovely date, Bronwyn, for the Hurstbridge Football Club Under 17's Brownlow evening.  Isn't the Club fantastic making it such a special night for the boys.  Very cute walking the red carpet with a camera and microphone stuck in their face.
"I see you, Mum, you're embarrassing me."  He's glad I took the pics now ;)
"Mum, thought you weren't a stage mother - not in front of my date!"

Nick looking casually to the left....and not at me. ;)

"Yeah, boys!:  Nick in the middle looking at the camera.
It had been a lovely day - certainly not weather wise and I dare say that had something to do with electrical stuff - I was playing with a gorgeous 1979 vintage sewing pattern and mucking around altering it a lot to make a 'sin-sess dress' for my about to be three year old niece who is only a size 1 - she's perfectly well just tiny and very gorgeous - the 'Princess Dress' is very cute and the fab part is I'm actually using real vintage lacy net and trims that I snaffled a couple of years ago at a fantastic rag trade warehouse sale - the real thing - not open to the public before - and I went overboard and bought heaps of cards of different trims and a few fabric rolls of the funky lacy stuff - you'll see it pop up here from time to time and some may even hit my stores eventually - *grin*.  For the bodice I'm using a soft t-shirt fabric so it won't be too hard to get on and off but down the middle I've sewn some vintage frills 70s style and the dress will have cap puffy sleeves made of the same pink lacy stuff to match the frilled layers of skirt.  I'll share some pics when I'm done - have to be finished by next weekend. I was going to keep working on it last night but a bit tricky without power in my sewing machine.  Good fun.

Thanks for popping by.

Suzy ;)


  1. Gosh Suze, he looks like Dave doesn't he? I look forward to seeing the 'Sin-cess' dress too when it's finished.

    N xx