Sunday, March 28, 2010

A smiling schnauzer and his teddy bear

I thought I'd start the week off on a bright note with a of picture of my little dog - he's bigger now and he still loves his 'teddy'. He takes him out in the garden for a play most days and will fetch him in when asked - with a treat bribe - but we are not encouraged to touch teddy! Very, very gorgeous.

This is Hans when he was a little puppy in his 'crib'. I've got a wonderful book on dog training - followed all the tips except for one and that was to have his bed on newspaper so I'd hear him in the night when he got up - that lasted for two nights with no sleep (for me!) - hence his posh box. It's so funny seeing this pic with so much spare room in his little bed because now he has to curl up like a cat to fit into it - or lay luxuriously stretched hanging over the ends. He's a spoiled little dog because he's also got a big mattress for stretching out times - and a little couch!

I'll share some comparison pics soon.

Have a lovely week.


Suzy ;)


  1. Ooooh, we love Hans! He is so cute and adorable :-)
    Have a lovely week too!
    Karen & Patsy